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07:38 pm


Alden's crawling!
Not far, well, or easily -- but he did it!! He had a STELLAR OT session today, just had made all kinds of leaps, not just motor ones but cognitive and sensory as well. He has some sensory. . . differences? Not really problems, just atypical ways he reacts to his environment? that his therapist says to keep an eye on. Like, he doesn't play vroom-vroom with cars, he turns them over and flicks the wheels instead. He likes to feel textures, he flips cups over and over to hear the clattery sound. Stuff like that. It's consistent with the sensory portion of autism, but he has absolutely none of the social signs of classical autism, in fact he's an exceptionally reactive and social baby, he smiles and makes eye contact and laughs when you laugh, and when something cool happens he looks around the room to make sure all of you saw it. . . he's not autistic. But he also doesn't point, and he doesn't follow it when you point, and his language development is. . . certainly not advanced.

BUT ANYWAY, I ramble. He was doing all kinds of great things in OT today -- pulling to kneel, reaching across midline, rotating, waving at the baby in the mirror, waving at the therapist in response to verbal (not gestural) prompting, pulling up his knees to do a lizard crawl, putting things into and dumping them out of buckets, etc. Rhona (the therapist) was so thrilled, she spent the entire session clapping and grinning. At the very end, she put her hand under Alden's chest to help him support himself, and he happily did an assisted crawl all over the room.

After therapy and lunch, Lillian wanted to go to the run-and-shriek -- the indoor playground at the mall, so-called because there the children run, and also shriek. The run-and-shriek has these sort of sculptures that are made of a rigid armature with foam over them and vinyl covering them, so you can climb on them but they aren't hard, and the ground is that spongy bouncy rubber stuff with a really high-friction carpet over it to cut down on slippage.. Lillian took off like a shot, and Alden tried to army crawl around, but the carpet was too frictional to make it easy, and he whined a little, so I got down there with him and did the supported crawl thing with him. (Halfway through, Lillian climbed on my back. Livestrong does not have calorie burn counts for "crawling around holding up your 1-year-old while a 5-year-old rides on your back," but I do not feel bad about skipping the gym today, let me tell you.)

One of the climbing sculptures had a little deck thing that was about 10" high, and he climbed up onto it with very little struggle. . . and then wanted to do that over and over and over again. I kept moving him back and assisting him the 8-10 feet to the thing to give him the practice, and I realized that I was using less and less pressure to hold him up. So I set him back, and let go, and. . . .

(apologies for crappy pixellated iphone video)

I cried. I'm crying now, actually, posting this. I know it is not a big deal, that lots and lots and LOTS of kids go through OT and have delays and are totally OK and there are lots of kids that have way greater struggles than Alden does, but he's my baby, and I just want him to be happy. He actually did that little crawl three times, and then he was DONE. He's fast asleep now and it wouldn't surprise me if he stays that way for hours.

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