Kathryn (kathrynt) wrote,

Jesus H.

174 comments already, and it's been posted over half the world. OK.

Coupla quick points, here:

1) I'm not endorsing or organizing any kind of fundraising drive for EITHER the Pine Ridge Res or for Planned Parenthood, though I heartily support both causes. The point of the post was merely to provide a point of contact.

2) Debates about abortion or the Pine Ridge financial situation are really not so much appropriate here. Take 'em somewhere else.

3) While I believe strongly that President Fire Thunder and her council are good and honest people, there have been charges of fraud and malfeasance levelled against her in the past. She was found not guilty of all those charges, and unanimously reinstated to the presidency after the investigation.

4) Do your homework. Don't send money blindly off to an address because some Internet yahoo said to. Yes, I am trustworthy and yes, the source for these addresses (snail and e) is President Fire Thunder herself, but do some independent confirmation _anyway_. Thankfully after the whole city_glitter fiasco, people are a lot more cautious, but still.

5) Welcome, y'all! This journal is incredibly boring. Seriously, I think the macaroni and cheese recipe is the most exciting thing to come across here in a month. ginmar I ain't.
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